DiPS Distribution Planning Systems

Established in 1979, DiPS is a software house specialising in the field of logistics software. The company currently services around 30 separate clients covering in excess of 100 licenses on over 50 sites. We have 40 years experience in producing solutions to the many problems that exist in the business, and continue to work on improving the software, its capabilities, and ease of use. The standard package is able to model all operations - supply chain analysis, depot location, strategic fleet scheduling and daily route planning. These features combine to offer a total package requiring little or no extra tailoring for individual requirements.

The software operates in a standard Windows framework integrating together all the modules in a single program. Full installation and training are included as part of any package we offer at no extra cost. In addition, the extensive built-in help facility is always available to guide even the most inexperienced user through the operation of the system. The program is therefore very easy to operate, whilst providing the user with a comprehensive set of tools to master any logistics problem. User-defined parameters and settings within the setup may be quickly amended as required. Data can easily be imported or exported using standard spreadsheet or CSV files meaning that implementation is simple, fast and painless. Roads and Postcodes are updated regularly using Ordnance Survey data.

Daily Planning Software

Software to plan daily routes with bespoke interfaces to client systems optimising delivery schedules utilising the depot network and vehicles available.

Mini DiPS product is also available for smaller companies using spreadsheets or csv files to load order data.

Modules can take into account Costs, 3rd party carriers v own fleet, fixed routes and have automated scheduling as standard.


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Strategic Planning Software

Software to model depot boundaries or different supply chain options and then schedule vehicle fleets over a period of time (day, weeks or months).

Typical use involves new business modelling, plannning new depots and reviewing fleet size & mix for cost savings.


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Trunking & Engineers / Salesforce

Software to plan trunking fleets using multiple collect and deliver locations and via points.

Software to plan workforce schedules using sophisticated algorithms that can handle many permutations of skills, meetings, times and locations for hundreds of operatives.


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