Daily Planning

The Daily Planning module takes sales orders and optimises delivery schedules utilising the depot network (with fixed or variable boundaries) and vehicles available. An interface between DiPS and mainframe computers to transfer order and route information is available as a standard feature of the package. Tailored interface programs are developed as part of the standard installation process. Links have been developed for packages such as SAP, JBA, JDE, OPUS, and many other bespoke SOP and Warehouse systems.

All data is vetted and sorted on entry and can include customer address details and access restrictions as well as order information. Once in the database order data may be amended at any time, either by manual intervention or further downloads of order data. Orders may be input using simple unit totals or with a more complex arrangement including individual product codes, employing the DiPS system to dynamically calculate unit totals from the product code information.

Daily screenshot

Where all or some of the routes need to use a pre-defined pattern, DiPS may be set-up with intelligent fixed routing management offering a variety of options, from traditional fixed routes maintained in the database, to continually updated schedules based on last weeks routes, and even zonal scheduling based upon customer postcode. The main routing algorithms are able to make multiple passes through the data to solve all the constraints that have been placed on the solution. For example, if different priority orders exist, it is possible to schedule higher priority orders first in order to maximise vehicle capacities in the early passes followed by lower priority "fillers" in later passes. Different fleet profiles and multi-day or multi-trip routes are also planned automatically without any user being required.

Once the DAYPLAN run is complete routes are saved on the central database. It has been found in practice that about 85% of these routes are acceptable leaving much more time per route for a load planner to concentrate on the more difficult areas of the day's plan. This program will also cost and create 3rd party carrier lists for certain areas and products if it is cheaper to do so.

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All the required checks are made on time and load constraints using the road network travel times and warning messages advise the user of anything illegal. Visual displays for Orders not assigned to Trips by varying priority ensure that nothing is missed from the plan. Re-optimisation of the calls in a route is provided as an option.

A wide range of standard reports are available from the DiPS system, but if specific designs are necessary tailored individual reports are provided. These have taken the form of Driver's loading and running sheets, Cost to Serve reports and Customer Service Centre prints. As with Order Download, the interface of route information back to warehouse managements systems to facilitate picking list or loading plan generation is part of the standard package. Route information is also used in conjunction with other technologies, such as text messaging or satellite tracking.


The Mini DiPS package presents a new opportunity for smaller companies to realise the benefits of using a comprehensive vehicle scheduling tool to optimise delivery schedules on a daily basis.It incorporates the full DiPS program with all the facilities outlined above but without bespoke interfaces and with a reduced training and installation program to reflect requirements Basic operating criteria, such as vehicle types, driving parameters, road speeds and so forth are set up on the DiPS database as normal, and delivery information is entered from a spreadsheet or CSV files. This avoids the necessity to develop bespoke or specialised interfaces to other computer systems – a fact that is reflected in the rental charges. The standard output reports are available, and a simple export routine utilising either spreadsheet or database may be employed to produce any bespoke information.

Rather than the traditional single purchase price, the package is rented with an agreed payment schedule from the commencement of operation. Rental charges lie well within the scope of any company operating a small fleet of somewhere in the region of 10 vehicles.


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