Support & Implementation


Established in 1979, we have 40 years experience and continue to work on improving the software, its capabilities, and ease of use. Our policy is to produce software that our customers feel is comprehensive, robust and easy to use.

Our philosophy is to be primarily concerned, not with market share and excessive company growth, but with improving the product to fully meet the requirements of all our customers, and ensuring that all of our users have the training and support necessary whenever they use the software.

In this way, we do not believe in “Help Desks” or employing different personnel to sell, implement and support our product.

 We prefer to maintain personal contact with all of our clients during and after implementation so that we ensure that the software will be operated properly.

This hands-on approach, coupled with a detailed understanding of our own product, means that if clients feel the need to contact us and ask for advice or program enhancements, we are able to deal with their enquiry promptly, with any program changes made quickly and efficiently.

This experience has given us a good understanding of what is needed for a successful implementation and what is required in terms of specific software features.

Our commitment to ensuring best use of the system starts with a basic training program inclusive in the purchase price. This is backed up initially by comprehensive User Manuals and the On-Line Help facility.

Telephone and Email support is also available for all users at times that are suited to the operation of the system. We have also introduced support via our Web Site offering new product updates and email facilities.

 Following on from any basic training further advanced tuition is provided on an on-going basis, with site visits included where necessary (e.g. for go-live).

As part of this service updates to all modules, including postcode and road network data, are made available to ensure that all users continue to improve their knowledge and operation of the software. After the first year this is provided to all customers paying an annual support retainer.



For further information about DiPS software packages please contact us using the details below:

Support: or ( as a backup if suffers delays)

 Tel: 0333 577 0367